ANA\C:  The Voice of Professional Nursing in California

ANA\C represents ALL registered nurses in the state of California, without regard to specialty or practice setting. ANA\C promotes the respect registered nurses and nursing as a profession deserve. We seek a diversity of backgrounds and specialties within the profession of nursing. It is through membership that the mission of ANA\C is empowered. Your membership allows ANA\C to continue to represent registered nurses and the nursing profession on key issues that impact the ability to practice. Supporting ANA\C ensures that registered nurses will continue to provide safe, competent and quality health care to the consumers of California.

ANA\C is the state chapter of the American Nurses Association. Joining ANA and ANA\C is one of the most beneficial decisions you can make for achieving highest quality patient care, advancing your career, and elevating our profession. Joint membership provides unparalleled value that includes full national and state member benefits at an affordable dues rate.

New Graduate RNs—Join ANA and ANA\C within 6 months of graduation and enjoy the benefit of discounted national and state membership dues.