The Work of the American Nurses Association

Listed below are several major project areas of focus for ANA. Click the titles to learn more or visit the ANA website at:


ANA's abiding commitment to the human rights dimensions of health care can be found here.

Topics: Revision to the Code of Ethics, Moral Courage, Genetics and Genomics, End of Life Issues and more.

Health and Safety

 A Healthy Work Environment is one that is safe, empowering, and satisfying. 

Topics: Healthy Nurse, Health Work Environment, Bullying and Workplace Violence, Needle Safety.


Professional Issues

The world of professional nursing practice and health policy is ever evolving to meet the new dynamics of care needs in every setting. In order to effectively address these changes, ANA uses Professional Issues Panels to drive toward informed decision-making, member engagement and active dialogue with members.

Topics: Nurse Fatigue, Care Coordination, Workplace Violence and Incivility, Barriers to RN Scope of Practice.



For over 100 years, ANA has worked to improve patient safety by promoting quality in nursing care and nurses’ work lives. ANA advocates for nursing quality through quality measurement, research and collaborative learning. Recent efforts have included translating traditional quality measurements into eMeasures as well as the development of a streamlined tool to prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs).



Leaders do more than delegate, dictate, and direct. Leaders help others achieve their highest potential. At ANA, we empower nurses to be professional, competent leaders in healthcare. Through a variety of educational and advocacy activities, our work increases the leadership capacity of nurses to advance health and lead change.


Policy and Advocacy 

From state legislatures to the White House, nurses have a unique opportunity to lend their expertise in influencing policy at all levels of government. The American Nurses Association ensures all 3.1 million nurses are represented across the board and that nurses interests are not ignored by bureaucrats who lack true knowledge of the issues at the bedside. Being the #1 most trusted profession in the country allows nurses to truly take charge and make a difference in the policy arena.